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  • Migrate to the cloud and save up to 70%
  • Gain the flexibility to configure nearly any conceivable feature
  • No contracts - No commitments
  • Unified communications make YOU and your TEAM more productive

Easy Installation

  • Keep your current phone numbers
  • On-site, no-charge phone and feature set up
  • Connect with any VoIP phone
  • Initiate migration at your convenience without incurring downtime


  • 24/7 customer service. Your call is answered by friendly engineers
  • Rock-bottom international rates - quality routes
  • Customers love us. Read the testimonials below!

Arrowtel provides phone service through the cloud to organizations of all sizes. Our users are free from signing contracts, receiving bills with hidden fees, cryptic surcharges and pass-along taxes.

Arrowtel Cloud PBX is an enterprise VoIP platform built to enhance your productivity. Our rates are among the lowest out there - our attention to detail borders on the obsessive.

With a small team and narrow focus we are able to provide a level of customer service you simply will not get from your current phone company.

Hearing the bells of freedom? Call us at 1-800-284-3842.


Latest News

Arrowtel VoIP showcases the Grandstream GXP2200

Check out Arrowtel’s VoIP system showcasing the Grandstream’s GXP2200 Android based phone in our new video:
Arrowtel VoIP Grandstream GXP2200

Arrowtel’s VoIP features like follow me, click to dial, visual voicemail, and conference calling will increase you and your team’s… Continue reading

Partnership Announcement

LOS ANGELES – March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Arrowtel, a VoIP solutions provider, and Pay-Less Communications, an ISP Distributor, today announced a partnership that will provide customers with a full suite of hosted VoIP services and… Continue reading

Write-up on the Grandstream GXP2200

Great write-up on the GXP2200 over at TMCnet.


"For non-profit organizations like ACCE, cost cutting solutions and prompt service are essential. Paul and his team at Arrowtel have delivered state of the art service. I highly recommend Arrowtel!"
Peter Kuhns - ‎LA Director at Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

"Reliable, responsive, and badass."
Michael Townsend - Townsend & Associates, Inc.

"Great customer service. They are super reliable and spent a ton of time helping us move off an obsolete phone system. The installer was very helpful with every step of the process. I highly recommend Arrowtel!"
Kaity Van Amersfort - Huntington Marketing

"When our company grew beyond its legacy phone system we were in need of an efficient, low-cost VoIP upgrade. Arrowtel provided a solution that utilized our existing Internet connection and Cisco SIP phones. Now, six years later, our phone system has grown with our business and is humming along with over two hundred phones and no major problems. The flexibility of unified messaging and low operating costs are fantastic."
Zack Zalon - Wilshire Axon (Sports)


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